Balloon Rides over Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

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What time of day do hot air balloons fly?

Subject to suitable hot air balloon flying conditions we fly early morning and early evening when the wind is generally calmer. Our flying season is from April to October. Times depend on sunrise and sunset, so vary throughout the season. Typically in May we meet you at 6am for morning flights and 6pm for evening flights

Where can I take a balloon ride in Yorkshire?

In York we fly from York Racecourse or from the banks of the River Ouse at Naburn Lock.

Summer evening high over York on a hot air balloon ride

Fly from York Racecourse in an air balloon

Can I give a hot air balloon flight voucher as a present?

Yes! A balloon flight makes a wonderful gift for a friend or loved one for birthday surprises, Christmas presents etc. You can order a gift voucher valid for 12 months from the date of purchase on-line now and you can have your voucher pack sent to you instantly by e-mail or by post. Or if you prefer, telephone us on 01757 288888

How do we book a date for our hot air balloon flight?

You can book dates for your flight by logging into our date page on this web site or by calling our office during weekday office hours. If your flight is cancelled by us due to weather just re-book until you experience the magic of balloon flight

How many people fly in the balloon ?

We have balloons that take 10 or 16 passengers. The basket is divided up into compartments and each compartment takes 2-4 passengers depending on which balloon we are using when you fly

Can passengers help with the preparation of the balloon for flight?

Of course. Unlike other forms of flight a hot air balloon is assembled and packed away on every flight. You can help our experienced balloon flight crew with the preparation and inflation of the balloon or just watch. After the flight have fun helping pack the enormous balloon away into what always seems to be a far too small bag

Passengers help spread out the hot air balloon

How far does a hot air balloon flight go?

We travel at the same speed as the wind and since the hot air balloon can only safely be flown in winds up to 10 mph, we usually cover 7-10 miles, although it can be more or less!

How high does a balloon ride go?

We usually fly at altitudes of up to 1000 feet but we may climb to 5000 feet (around a mile high) to find a suitable breeze with which to travel.

Great views from the balloon basket

Floating over gardens the view from a wicker balloon basket

Do we fly back?

The balloon can only travel where the wind takes it and although not impossible, it is highly unlikely that we could land at our original launch site. After about an hour in the air your pilot will land in a suitable field. Once the balloon is packed away and we have 'toasted' our flight in the time honoured way (a glass of Champagne or orange juice if you prefer) you will be transported back to the launch site by road.

What weather conditions are required for hot air balloon rides?

For a successful flight we require light winds, no rain and good visibility. Call us at the time specified in your map pack to confirm if the weather permits us to fly, and if so the meeting time and place. Should we have to cancel your flight at short notice for reasons such as bad weather, we ask you to reschedule your flight as soon as possible to suit your timetable.

What should I wear on a balloon flight?

We recommend that you wear normal outdoor clothes such as those you might wear when going for a walk. Long trousers, long sleeves in natural fibres and sensible shoes or boots (no heels). Avoid wearing loose jewellery or other items that could be lost in a grassy landing field. You should also bring along a well fitting hat to protect your head from radiant heat given off by the burners.

Can I bring my camera?

Yes, you can bring your camera but please make sure you can stow it away before we land.

Cliffords Tower, the keep of York Castle is a great land mark on a balloon ride

Before the take off your balloon rides pilot will give you a thorough safety briefing in the basket

Do you have an upper or lower age limit for balloon flights?

Regardless of age all passengers must be medically fit to fly. Our balloon baskets are about 1.1 metres (42 inches) high, and have footholes at each end to assist entry. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult on the flight and must be over 8 years old, and their height must exceed 1.4 metres (4'6"). In the interests of safety and operational requirements we cannot undertake the carriage of passengers whose declared weight exceeds 18 stone (114kg).

Can family and friends watch the hot air balloon flight take off?

Family and friends are welcome to watch and take photographs. We would ask that they park their cars responsibly and that they do not trespass on private land.

Is it true that the balloon basket always tips over on landing?

Occasionally the basket may slowly topple over onto its side on landing but more often than not it will remain upright and alighting will be a civilized and dignified affair!

The balloon basket and balloon on the ground after landing.

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