Balloon Rides over Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Existing Balloon Flight Passengers with Balloon Rides Vouchers

If you have a Balloon Rides voucher with 5 digits (which may have BAL at the beginning) then you can book a date for your flight using the existing customer button below.

Between April and October we schedule balloon flights in Yorkshire as passenger demand requires with flight dates provided usually up to 30 days in advance. Sometimes we will create additional flights with just a few days notice when we have advice of good weather. In this case, passengers who have chosen to be on our "standby" text/SMS service will receive notification of last minute flights which suit their voucher type.

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If you have a voucher from an agency such as Buy A Gift or Red Letter Days and you have not registered your voucher with us, then click here

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New Customers who do not have a Balloon Rides Voucher

If you would just like to check our availability before purchasing a balloon rides flight voucher then check here now. You will then see all flights available up to the next 30 days.

How many spaces do you need?
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